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CAMA-AFM60 Integrated embedded fingerprint reader module

CAMA-AFM60 Integrated embedded fingerprint reader module is an all-in-one OEM capacitive fingerprint module. Manufacturer and developers can use it to design biometric access control, time attendance,biometric door lock,Kiosk, POS terminals,etc.

Fingerprint Sensor:FPC1021 fingerprint sensor
Fingerprint Capacity:500 fingerprints
Image Pixel Matrix:160 pixel x 160 pixel
Interface Support: USB or UART
Lower Power Consumption: Support

CAMA-AFM60 Integrated embedded fingerprint reader module

Integrated embedded fingerprint reader module 

CAMA-AFM60 Integrated embedded fingerprint reader module is a cost effective OEM fingerprint module which specially developed for small capacity biometric applications.  Combined FPC1021 capacitive fingerprint sensor with CAMABIO fingerprint algorithm, the CAMA-AFM60 small fingerprint sensor module gets a lot of features like live finger detection,360 degree rotation verification ,auto-learning,etc. With design of compact and low power consumption, the CAMA-AFM60 small fingerprint sensor module can make your device smaller and have a longer durance time.

Product Features

# 500 fingerprints capacity
# 360 degree identification
# Live scan function ( identify fake finger)
# Auto-learning function
# Fast identification speed
# Support 1:1: and 1:N verification
# FAR<0.001% FAR<0.1%
# FPC1021 fingerprint sensor

Product Specifications

Item Description
Fingerprint   Sensor  FPC1021   Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor
Fingerprint   Algorithm CAMABIO   Fingerprint Algorithm
Fingerprint   image 160 x 160   (pixel)
Fingerprint   Capacity 500   Fingerprints
Image   Resolution 500 DPI
Fingerprint   template 496 bytes
Communication   Interface UART (3.3V   TTL)  Or USB 5V(Optional)
FRR < 0.1%
FAR < 0.001%
Identification   Speed  1:1 <0.45S;   1:N (500 Fingerprints)<1S
Work current < 150mA
Standby   current < 20μA
Power supply DC 3.3V
Working   temperature  -25℃ To -60℃
Working   humidity 20% To 80%
Frome housing   color  Silvery   or Golden 


Product Size

CAMA-AFM60 Master board size
CAMA-AFM60 Small Fingerprint Sensor Module Main Board Size
CAMA-AFM60 capacitive sensor dimensions
CAMA-AFM60 Fingerprint Sensor Size
Interface Details
Technical Support

To support you electronic engineers to do developing works, CAMABIO will provide you following materials after you bought the product

1. User Manual of CAMA-AFM60 ( Command Protocols Included)

2. DEMO Software For Testing Purpose

If you have any technical questions before you buy CAMA-AFM60 small fingerprint sensor module, you can contact for support.

Where you can use this product?

CAMA-AFM60 Integrated embedded fingerprint reader module can be widely used for products below

1. Fingerprint door lock system

2. Biometric access control system

3. Biometric time attendance system

4. Fingerprint car starter

5. Fingerprint safe box lock

6. Fingerprint car fleet management system


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