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Solution Overview
   CAMABIO rental property management solution is a solution that based years of biometric recognition technology and software development experience. It can solve many troubles of human management and improve the management efficiency. It also makes the rental property safer.
Industry Demands
   With the rapid expanding of rental property, more and more property owners are trying to find a safer and convenient way to manage the rental property.  The following demands are their major concerns
      1.     Reduce the operation cost by centralized management software or mobile APP
      2.     To inform tenants to pay the rental in time
      3.     When tenants first come to see the rental property, management can be done online
      4.     Reduce the frequency of service visiting in person, save the human resource cost
Solution Features
  Multiple Ways to Unlock The door Lock
    In the CAMABIO rental property management solution, there are many kinds of unlock methods are available for selection. (e.g. fingerprint, password, IC card, temporary password, Bluetooth, etc.)
  Manage the Rentals, electricity fees, property management fees by PC or mobile APP
    Property management personnel can direct manage the rentals, electricity fees, property management fees by PC software or mobile APP. They do not need to collect all these fees one by one in person.  Just need one click to send the message to tenants 
 Temporary Password Special for New Tenants Who Want to Rent the Property
    When new tenants come to see the property, management personnel can create a temporary password for them. The temporary password only can work one time. So, property management personnel no need to open the door for the new tenants in person. It can save a lot of human resources.
Property Management Software Can Be Customized
   To suit different property management culture or rules, the CAMABIO rental property management software also can be customized if it is needed.