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Authentication Solution

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Solution Overview
    CAMABIO identity authentication solution for school examination is special design for identifying the student who attend the school examination.  It is a solution to prevent the test-taker to cheat in the examination and guarantee the education equality. 
Industry Demands
    To guarantee the equality of education, more and more schools choice the biometric authentication software and hardware to identify the student’s identity in some important examinations. Because it can effectively prevent the test-takers to attend the test in the name of another student. 

Usually the schools have following demands
        1.     Effectively verify the fingerprint or face information of students
        2.     Effectively verify student’s identity proof (citizen identity card, passport, etc.)
        3.     Verify the student identity in a fast and accurate way
        4.     Query the entrance data of student and log info
Solution Features
     Multi-modal Authentication Offers More Options
     CAMABIO identity authentication solution for school examination have two options for identity verification: “fingerprint + citizen identity card” and “face + citizen identity card”.
     So, students can choose the most convenient way to verify their identity. 
     Accurate and Fast Identification Reduced Queue Up Time
     The solution is using the most advanced CAMABIO biometric algorithms, the identification usually can be done within 2s. It can help to reduce queue up time and make sure every student can entry the examination room in time. 
     Query the Status of Each Examination Room Online
     Administrators can query the status of each examination room through the management software and inform students in time 
     All Datas are Enrolled at Server and Distributed Online
      All student’s identity information are enrolled at the server before the examination, then send the data to each terminal device online. It makes deploy and management convenient.