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Citizen Identity Authentication Solution

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   Citizen identity authentication solution is a solution to help company or government organization to identify citizen’s identity by matching the information in the identity card with the card holder. This solution is based on face recognition and fingerprint recognition technology of CAMABIO.  It can prevent the criminals to fake their identity effectively and make the society safer
Industry Demands
   Nowadays when China citizen go to apply the finance services or social security insurance or go to a hotel, it is necessary to identity their identity by citizen identity card, but usually it is verified by human eyes, not by equipment. It has the risk of false identification

   So now CAMABIO citizen identity authentication solution already being the first choice of many industry. 
1.     Hotel: Registration at hotel in China will need to identify the citizen identity card and register it into hotel management system.
2.     Public Security Sectors: When China citizens need to change their basic personal information or apply a new identity card, password. The identity authentication is necessary.
3.     Ticket Service Industry: When citizens go to buy the train ticket or air ticket, for public security reasons, citizen identity authentication also is necessary
4.     Finance sectors: When users go to apply a new bank account, securities account in China, it is necessary to identify user’s citizen identity card
5.     Marriage Registration: When new couples to go apply marriage registration, it is also need to identify the citizen identity 

Solution Features
   Multiple Communication Port for Selection on Hardware
     There are many types of communication ports like USB 2.0, Mini USB, RS232 or Relay output for selection. It will be more convenient for customers to do integration works.
   Online Management Software and SDK Are available
   Support both online and offline software management. Management become much more convenient. And if customer need, we also can provide SDK to do secondary development.
   Support Both Fingerprint and Face Recognition
   This identity authentication solution can identify both fingerprint and face information with the face and fingerprint data in the citizen identity card
   To adapt the working environment automatically
   With advanced CAMABIO fingerprint and face recognition technology, this citizen identity authentication solution can suit for different kind of working environment
   With Built-in Citizen Identity Card Reader Module
   With Built-in citizen identity card reader module, the hardware of this solution can easily read the fingerprint data and face data from the citizen identity card