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Solution Overview
      CAMABIO access control and time attendance solution mainly focus on the customized access and time attendance software and hardware for large factory or building construction field.  Based multi-modal biometric recognition technologies, CAMABIO solutions can help customers to improve efficiency of attendance and security of the work field. 

Industry Demands
      1.     Manage large number of employees
      2.     Online manage multiple entrance ports
      3.     Prevent outside suspects slip into the factory or construction field
      4.     Record entry and exit personnel’s fingerprint and face info effectively
      5.     Connect with salary management system. Improve the attendance and salary calculation efficiency
      6.     Customize management software suit for management rules of factory or construction field 

Solution Features 
       High Security Level with Advanced Biometric Technology and Multi-modal Biometrics Authentication
       CAMABIO is one of top biometric technology company with more than 10 years biometric solution development experience. Customers can select the authentication ways from fingerprint, face, finger vein, password, RFID card to China Citizen Identity Card, etc. 
       Acknowledge Real-Time Status of Each Entrance by Online Management System
       As the end terminal of each entrance is connecting with the server center, every employee’s entrance records will be recorded in server center. And the face recognition system also can detect the suspects who is long time stay around the entrance terminal. 
       Picture will be taken when employee entry or exit the factory/construction field
       When the employee entry or exit the factory/construction field, the terminal camera will take a picture of this employee and send it to server center.  It will be very convenient to check the records in the future time.
       Labor-saving Time Attendance Management Software
       The time attendance software can be customized according customer’s company management requirement, it will make the management works more convenient and labor saving.