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Solution Overview

CAMABIO smart door lock technical solution is a full set of technical design solution for biometric door lock.  With years of biometric design experience and door lock manufacturing experience, CAMABIO is devoted to providing more secure and more reliable smart door lock technical solution 

Industry Demands 
With the rapid expanding of the smart door lock and smart home market, more and more traditional door lock hardware manufacturers want to join the smart door lock market. But as most of the traditional door lock manufacturer do not have biometric technology and electronic development experience. they can not develop smart door lock themselves. 

So, the technical company like CAMABIO become the first choice of these traditional door lock hardware manufacturers.  Usually the door lock manufacturers will need the solutions as below

       1.     Fingerprint + Password + Card + Touch Screen 
       2.     Fingerprint + Password + Card + Touch Screen + Mobile APP (WeChat Mini Program)
       3.     Fingerprint + Password + Card + Touch Screen + Bluetooth Unlock APP
       4.     Fingerprint + Password + Card + Touch Screen + Zigbee Module + Smart Home Gateway
       5.     Fingerprint + Password + Card Apartment Door Lock + Apartment Management Software 

Solution Features

Advanced Fingerprint Technology Gives Your Door Lock More Secure

CAMABIO is one of top biometric technology solution provide and biometric hardware manufacturer in China.  With more than 10 years biometric solution development, CAMABIO can helps you to avoid a lot of risk during the product development, and gives your lock more secure. 

APP or WeChat Mini Program with Temporary Password Function

When door lock user is not at home, he/she can use temporary password APP or WeChat Mini Program to create a password that only works 5 or 10 minutes for visitor or guest. And as door lock itself do not connect with internet; it can avoid the hacker attacking problem. 

The Unlock Time and Date of Guest Users Are Manageable

In CAMABIO door lock technical design solution, Administrator can manage the unlock time and unlock date of guest users. 

Dual Verification Are Available for Higher Security Level

In some special cases, users need a higher security level than ordinary situations, then dual verification could be a good choice.  It means the door only can be opened when both fingerprint + password be verified or fingerprint + IC Card be verified.